Are You ready to Fall In Love With Yourself All Over Again?



 Self love and self care can be an ongoing journey.

It’s all about unraveling yourself and then unraveling yourself further to learn more and more about you. It’s not always easy but it is SO rewarding and I’m happy you’re here. If you are here, then it means you are ready to bring out the vibrant, amazing person you already are!

“Nobody knows what they’re doing - so let’s figure it out together!”

 Journaling is one of the most amazing ways to really figure out who you are.

It has personally helped me discover myself on a deeper level, and not only that, it has helped me change my perspective about a situation to look at it with compassion as opposed to a ‘problem’.

When you’re journaling you are figuring out the answers on a more subconscious level. Did you know that humans have about 70,000 thoughts per day? This is crazy talk. Did you also know that 80% of our thoughts are subconscious? Even more crazy! What would happen if we could live more consciously and be aware of our thoughts when they come up?

Better yet, how to deal with them when they seem overwhelming?

Writing it down means that you are actively getting those thoughts out of your head. You are making space to be more open minded because those thoughts are no longer dancing around in your mind. You are literally getting it out!

This kit is designated into three sections.

Helping you discover self love

Helping you manage your anxiety

Helping you have continuous positive thought patterns.

What Do I Get in Each Section?

In each section there will be journaling prompts that can help you reflect further into yourself. There are challenges / activities that you can complete when you need to get out of your own head. There are mantras you can repeat to yourself. You are welcome to set these mantras as reminders on your phone, or use them as background screens for your phone for constant reminders!

These challenges, mantras and journal prompts are what I have personally used in my life to overcome some situations where I couldn’t get out of my head. Shifting your mindset is a challenge, but I got you :).

What Are the Benefits of Journaling, Anyway?

Increased self awareness

Better emotional Intelligence

Better problem solving skills

Your ability to gain clarity in overwhelming or confusing situations

Learning who YOU are, what you love, what your boundaries are

How Do I Know This Toolkit Is For Me?

This ‘Love Yourself More’ tool kit is for you if:

  • You used to love yourself but lately you are finding it harder to find that spark inside of you. It’s in there, babe! Let’s pull it out.

  • You have confidence but you need help gaining the tools to maintain that confidence and self worth when you get tested.

  • You need clarity on what your purpose is in life - you’re questioning ‘what is this is all about?’

  • You are in a transition phase right now and you need help pushing through to the other side. You are having a hard time staying positive and staying on your soul’s journey.

  • You miss that vibrant person you used to be and you want to shine like the star you are!

Who Can Use This Toolkit?

Anyone can use this tool kit! There is so much comparison in this world, and every age feels it. Self love is mandatory now more than ever. Low confidence and low self esteem doesn’t discriminate!

It is designed for adults going through transitions and who want to find clarity and the best version of them.

It is designed for children who need more self confidence and need to see the best version of themselves come out.

I am a firm believer of self love at any age. And journaling is effective for every age! If you have a kid that you feel would benefit from this - please don’t hesitate to send this them! You can work through this toolkit together and help them discover their true potential earlier!