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HI! I’m Felicia

And I’m Glad You’re Here!



 Bye, Felicia!

‘Has anyone ever said this to you?’ Nope, no one has ever said that to me before ;). You’re the first!’ And that is how ‘ByFeliciaBaird’ came to be!

Hi, I’m Felicia! I'm a podcaster, a social entrepreneur, a speaker and an advocate for living your healthiest life possible. And yes... while that includes being active and taking care of your body, my focus is on your mental health and mindset.

  I created a podcast called the 'its not about you'.

I became really intrigued lately by people living bigger than themselves. It started with me interviewing social entrepreneurs but it turned into something bigger than that. More of a wellness podcast, learning about people’s rock bottoms and how they grew from them, learning about their self love routine and how they take care of their mental health when all they want to do is lay in bed when things get tough. Actions separate people from their word, and I want to learn all about it!

Just a little about me…

I work in TV as a Producer and I wouldn't trade it in at all. I have the best support system including my friends and family, I live in Toronto Canada by the water and a massive dog park, which is my favourite place to be. (Even without a dog… hehe.)

But like many other people my age I went through a 'quarter life crisis' and started to revaluate my life pretty hard.

If everything was 'coming up Felicia' then why was I so down and out about the way I was living my life? I began focusing on all of the things I wasn't doing with my life instead of the things I was.

The truth is it was my mindset that was weighing me down and I needed to shift that shit. So I did.

I started changing the way I acted in certain situations, journaling the person I wanted to be in my mind to create a more positive mindset, learn more about money and my relationship with it, also change my mind about money and realize that it is e n e r g y and stopped worrying so much about it. I learned that I had a lot of subconscious blocks that I had created for myself without even knowing about it and that really slowed me down. I created boundaries for myself and was able to protect my energy in a more assertive, healthy way.

Habitualizing your happiness. 
I didn’t always have the option of ‘do what makes you happy’ or ‘follow your heart and do what you want’. My mentality was always that I had to work, support myself and pay my bills. You follow the money. 
What I did have the option to control though was my ability to find happiness everyday, and making sure I showed up for me fully everyday, regardless of if I liked my circumstances or not. 
You become good at what you do when you love what you do, and in order to love what you do you have to change your perspective on it and show up for you! It may not be your dream scenario just yet but show up anyways!

What are things that make you happy? Are you finding a way to incorporate that in your life everyday? They don’t have to be massive, just little things that shift your happiness. 
Mine are:
1) 7-8 hours of sleeeeeep
2) pre workout mix 🙈
3) movement 
4) my badass playlist or a podcast about self development and learning to grow me
5) veggies. Even if it lettuce on a cheeseburger 
6) talking. I like talking. I prefer it’s with other people, but I will still talk to myself. No shame. 
What do you need to do everyday for you to fully show up and live your life of happiness, regardless of your circumstances? 
If you need encouragement - we are grouping up for ‘becoming your vibrant badass self’ for MAY! Come join this amazing group of women as we dive into self love, chats about finding your path, and creating a tool kit to help you with anxiety, and your down moments so they don’t last as long 💗

 Are you feeling this way, too? I want to help!

  These shifts weren't easy.

It's not easy becoming the person you want to be, but it was necessary and I personally believe you cannot give the best you to anyone around you (ie. kids, job, friends, spouse) unless you alter that mindset and show up in a way that serves you. And doing that means getting really real with yourself and how you actually show up in life. Not how you think you show up in life. Sorry to call you out if this hit hard….

I was also craving connection.

I craved being a part of a community where I could showcase my strengths and be held accountable for it at the same time.

With social media being plagued with what was real and what wasn't, including any connections you could make, I wanted to create a space that I could hold raw and candid conversations with people. But not just any type of people, people who were doing good for others and the communities around them. 

SOOOO why did I start all of this?

My purpose for the space I’m providing is for people to realize they aren’t isolated and alone.

I know what it feels like to be in a rut - to be too hard on yourself - to want more but not knowing how to get it or why they want it.

To feel like they’re not living up to their potential.

To feel like they have no one to talk to, and even if they did have someone to talk to they don’t even fully understand why they’re feeling the way they do.

Who feel like they are just getting by and really not having a clue as to what this is all for.

To feel like they can’t stick up for themselves because they don’t want people to get mad or annoyed at them.

To feel like they don’t belong.

All of this while seemingly being ‘outgoing’ ‘having good energy’ ‘having it all together’. Which makes it harder for people to understand why you feel alone and in pain all the time. Surrounding yourself day to day with people who you realize don’t understand your heart and your intentions.

 You aren’t alone. I am creating this space for you - with you! Join me on my journey! Add me on Instagram or join my self love Facebook group where we connect and relate to each other on deeper levels than what society wants for us.